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A/N: I'm doing a strange thing here. I want to prove to myself -- and to you -- that this novel exists and will be finished, because it has a beginning and an end and everything in between. In a way I've done what Lost did in the S3 finale -- I've shown what happens, but I haven't told HOW it happened. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED FOR EVERAFTER, DON'T READ. But if you want to be...well, should I say "teased" or "tantalized"? this excerpt will do it.

As you'll see, it's a rough draft. There's no attempt at continuity of tenses, or any other writers' rules. This post is a rule-breaker in every sense of the word. A glimpse of how this writer's unkempt mind works. Some things have changed since these plans were drawn up, such as Sawyer and Kate getting married before Jack and Juliet. Other things might change in the finishing stages. I'm simply posting this as a leap of faith -- that there will be finishing stages. I love Jack and Sawyer together, and I never want to let them go.

Many EverAfter questions, very few answers, and some very blatant spoilers under the cut.Collapse )
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An aside...for my lovely readers who know so much more about LJ layout than I do. Is there any way to make the pages you see under the cut look all pretty and scripty and floaty like they do on each chapter's opening page? In your journals you see the teaser for each chapter as it'd appear in your journal, then when you ckick cut it takes you to the plain black-and-white default my system uses under that cut. Wouldn't it be nice to see it all flowing and pretty, moody and free...does anybody know how to make such a change? How to get rid of the black-and-white boxer paraqraphs and susbtitute the more scripted ones? Chap. 3 is all about teh pretty sex so it really needs a moody setting. :)
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Some of this is really hard for me to write. I'm writing about stuff I thought I never would...but "never say never," I guess. Here goes....

Chapter OneCollapse )

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Just a quiet little start, to see if I still remember how to do this.

EverAfter : Prologue

would've, should've, could've....Collapse )

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